Sustainable Skills Summer School

The summer school is a great opportunity to up-skill and learn from local community members. The summer school ensures that traditional skills for everyday life and sustainable living are shared and continue to thrive.

This initiative is now operating under the Waitaki Community Gardens, Chelmer St, Oamaru. 

Dates for the next school are January 18th - February 3rd 2019.


If you would like to register to teach a class, please call Melissa on 021 885 765, or email melpronk@gmail.com. 




Community Nursery

In collaboration with Waitaki District Council, DOC and Forest & Bird, the glass houses at the Oamaru Public Gardens have been restored as a natives nursery for community regeneration projects. Volunteers propagate and collect seeds, prick and transplant seedlings that will be planted at sites such as Cape Wanbrow, Guards Road, Fenwick Park, and other local sites. 

This initiative continues to grow with the support of the Waitaki Community Gardens, Chelmer St, Oamaru. 



The Food Forest Project

The aim of the project is to plant fruit, nut and native trees in neighbourhood parks around the Waitaki District. As a collaboration between the Natural Heritage Society, Waitaki District Council and Waitaki Community Gardens, the project has planted 120 trees over 2 years in 8 parks.


Waitaki Time Bank

Time Banking is a way of trading skills in a community. It uses time, rather than money, as the measurement tool. Members of a Time Bank share their skills with other members, and are given time credits for the work they do. With the credits they gain, each member can ‘buy' someone elses time, and get the service they need.Time Bank Waitaki has been set up to strengthen our community. With Time Banking everybody's time is equal, no matter what type of work is done.

1 = 1. If you give one hour's work, you receive one hour time credit. Every person is equally valued.