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Transition Oamaru





You have reached the site for Transition Oamaru & Waitaki District, a project run by the Natural Heritage Society Inc.

Transition Oamaru & Waitaki is part of the global Transition Towns initiative. There are over 60 registered towns in New Zealand, which have formalised the Transition Town model, and over 500 worldwide.

Our goals are to:
• Educate the public on the issues around climate change and peak oil.
• Act locally to prepare for the inevitable changes wrought by these issues.
• Build systems that foster organic agriculture for the local market.
• Teach domestic crafts and establish cottage industries that give preference to the use of local resources.
• Establish a register of low-tech traditional crafts with a view to teaching these skills to the community.
• Lobby local government to develop a Ten Year Plan that includes an energy descent action plan for North Otago.

Our current projects include the Food Forest Project, Community Nursery, the Pioneer Savings & Loan Pool, Waitaki TimeBank & Sustainable Skills Summer School, in its 7th year.


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Sustainable Skills Summer School 2017